Step by Step Guides, Plans, and Tips on Building A New Home

Building a new home?  You've found the right website!

Building your new home is an excellent way to save thousands and thousands of dollars.  In addition, when building your own house it really is easy to make it custom.   Match your home to your life style.  Make sure you know all you can before beginning your project.  Find ways to find and buy land.  Learn ways to cut out all the middle men and hire contractors to perform each building stage of your home.  Figure out how to budget, estimate costs, and how to get the construction loans you need.

The best place to begin is with a general start to finish guide.  There are several good guides available electronically.  However, has read and reviewed all of them.  The best guides available are reviewed and compared in full detail on the Building a Home - Guide Reviews pageThe best guide includes information on estimating home building costs.  Also, the checklist for the whole process will really come in handy.  The tips are relevant to building any style of house.  The processes are similar for traditional style all the way to log homes. 

Once you've gone through at least one of the step by step building guides, you may find some of our other plans and resources helpful.  Reviews on the best blue prints available online are here, just goto the Plans -Blue Prints Revealed page.